Clarity Election Night Reporting

Clarity Election Night Reporting is a software solution that presents election results online in real-time through an efficient, user-friendly, and intuitive graphical interface. This tool uses maps and graphics to illustrate voter turnout, totals by vote type, and results by precinct.

By leveraging the capabilities of Clarity Election Night Reporting, your office can streamline the distribution of election night results and produce downloadable reports. This increases public outreach and eliminates the reliance on IT staff to post election results online. SOE Software’s robust infrastructure ensures a continuous, scalable presentation of information without the risk of application downtime during critical periods of peak usage.


Real-time Election Night Reporting Updates

Clarity Election Night Reporting provides jurisdictions with the ability to easily update results as they are reported through a simple to use data entry form that requires no special computer skills or expertise. Additionally, reports can be exported and integrated with existing systems so that media and other entities can display the election results in a format familiar to them.

User-friendly Results Access

Clarity Election Night Reporting provides voters, media, and constituents with interactive maps and bar graphs for each contest. This web-based tool is custom built for reporting online election results and is designed to be user-friendly for the public to find the results they seek. Tailored graphics enhance the result’s presentation and make them simple to understand.

Multi-language Platform

Clarity Election Night Reporting provides multilingual reporting capabilities based on the customer’s language requirements. Clarity has demonstrated these capabilities by presenting results in languages such as Russian, Gujarati, Arabic, and Mandarin.

Past Election Data Management

SOE Software’s election results reporting tool enables election officials to easily archive election data and displays it in a dynamic custom format. There is no limit on how far back in time your election data can be loaded into Clarity Election Night Reporting.


Vote Type Breakdown

Clarity Election Night Reporting enables you to drill-down at the state, district, and precinct levels (for example) and provides extensive detail of how votes have been received, such as early voting, absentee numbers, and Election Day returns. Additionally, results can be viewed at the county or precinct level and at the contest or question level.

Automated Election Report Delivery

Clarity Election Night Reporting assists election directors in distributing report requests from media and political parties through an automated delivery system managed through a recipient list. SOE Software’s election results reporting tool also provides downloadable election results for evaluation and analyses in multiple file formats, such as CSV, ASCII, and XLS.

In-depth Results Analysis

Post-election results data can be merged with electronic pollbook results, providing a powerful tool for thorough analysis of voting patterns and trends through detailed demographic information.

Enhanced Graphical Presentation

Bar chart presentation for each contest or issue on your ballot visually highlights leading vote getters while providing granular detail down to actual number of votes received, where those votes have come in, and breaking down vote type.


Secure Integration

Clarity Election Night Reporting can be integrated with the main vote-tabulation software in such a way that the authenticity and integrity of results transmitted to election night reporting is guaranteed.

Data Integrity

SOE Software’s election results application monitors the integrity of the data which is published, detecting and reporting any kind of anomaly between published results and those introduced by the electoral officers.

Electoral Officers Authentication

The administration portion of the election night reporting solution requires electoral officers to authenticate themselves. Strong security controls are in place to ensure that only authorized people are granted access to the application, and any unauthorized access attempt is detected.

Web Security and Systems Hardening

All SOE Software’s web applications have been securely developed in all phases of production, and then deployed on a hardened infrastructure. This process creates secure software that is free of vulnerabilities and cannot be exploited by external attackers or hackers.