Clarity Connect

Clarity Connect is an election-centric information web portal for voters. It enables your office to run useful, eye-catching websites and build powerful online applications. These websites combine ease-of-use with a personalized design to enhance your web presence and quickly provide your constituents with the information they seek.

Updating an events calendar, adding a news article, or changing a link shouldn’t require a vast knowledge of web programming languages. With that in mind, our voter connect product is designed to be easy to learn and maintain so you can keep your site current and increase voter outreach. Gain control of the information disseminated from your office with Clarity Connect.


Election-specific CMS

Clarity Connect is an election-specific voter information portal that enables your office to run impressive websites and build powerful online applications that provide users with the election information they seek quickly and efficiently. Tools such as polling place lookup and voter registration information reduces the number of issues caused by voters not understanding processes or procedures and subsequently minimizes calls to your office.

Saving Costs

Increase your voter outreach by providing access to a variety of instructional material including videos, manuals, and other information sources ensuring that voters and media are kept informed. Save costs associated with printing and mailing by providing material online and making them available at all times and from nearly any Internet-connected device.

Content Updating Made Simple

SOE Software lightens the heavy burden of updating content on your IT staff by simplifying the process and procedure of keeping your content accurate and up-to-date. The content editor in Clarity Connect is designed so that making changes such as updating an election calendar or communicating news is as easy as writing an email. Give your non-technical staff the ability to manage and enhance access to election information with Clarity Connect.


Social Media Driven

Included in Clarity Connect are tools for enhancing your social media, which has increasingly become a go-to source for news and updates. Having a strong social media presence compliments your website by providing election information through an outlet utilized by hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. SOE Software integrates this critical aspect of your voter outreach effort smoothly though centralized content management and instant delivery.

Going Mobile

SOE Software also enables public administrators to deliver pertinent information to voters by leveraging the ever expanding smart mobile phone and tablet computer markets. The mobile lookup information can include voter information, vote by mail status, polling places locator, contact information, and election results in order to reduce the in-bound phone calls and requests for information from your staff.

Communicating by SMS

Clarity Connect includes SMS capability to communicate with users through the increasingly prevalent medium of mobile devices. Text messaging can include general public announcements and event dates or links to documents on your website. Modernize and improve your voter outreach with Clarity Connect.


Data Privacy

Clarity Connect implements several security controls in order to ensure that voters’ personal information cannot be disclosed, and voters are only able to access their own data.

Web Security and Systems Hardening

All SOE Software’s web applications have been securely developed in all phases of production, and then deployed on a hardened infrastructure. This process creates secure software that is free of vulnerabilities that cannot be exploited by external attackers or hackers.